Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Thank Thee

Not too long ago I found this poem in the fly leaf of one of my grandmother's Bibles.  Unfortunately I don't know who the author might be.


I Thank Thee, God, for gifts so free
Unmerited bestowed on me,
Though men not knowing call me poor,
These are the gifts I thank Thee for:
A Mother's love while in my youth,
A Father's honesty and truth,
A faith in Thee whate'er befall,
A trust that seeth good in all,
A hope as long as there is breath,
A life that endeth not with death,
A Friend sincere bound fast by love,
A God of mercy up above;
No man on earth could call me poor
And know the gifts I thank Thee for.

~ Unknown

What have you found in the Bibles of your relatives? 
What are you leaving behind for others to find in your Bible?


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