Saturday, March 22, 2014


Bible Study by Jennie Allen
W Publishing an imprint of Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2013

Jennie Allen is a powerfully gifted author and speaker who used her passion to create the Restless Bible Study based on the life of Joseph.  Watching the video, it is obvious that God's hand is on Jennie.  The Bible study is for women, and is geared to help women fill the craving inside of us, the restlessness put there by God.  I saw one reviewer remarked that instead of an in depth Bible study, she found Restless to be more along the lines of the basics, a beginner study.  However, don't we all need to get back to the basics?  We need to remember why we were created -- to worship and serve God -- and then learn how to apply our passions, our gifts, our talents to please Him.

Restless is an eight week Bible study using DVD teaching, an individual study, and group activities (using question cards for members).  The study begins with telling God's Story and runs through such lessons as learning about Gifts, sharing and growing though our Suffering, learning to be used in our own Places and with our own People, and ending with our Passions and the Mystery of the power of the Spirit of God.  Jennie uses stories from her life and the lives of her friends and family to illustrate how God grows us and uses us.  It is well worth getting the DVD to go along with the written Bible study, even if you choose to do the study alone.  And you may need a box of tissues if you allow the Spirit to move in you -- I sure did!

Getting back to the basics -- I am not an immature Christian. I came to Christ as a child and have been in church since birth,  I went to Christian schools, I have been through countless Bible studies and have taught and led some of the same in church. I found Jennie to be refreshing, honest and moving all at the same time. Her study of the life of Joseph was good.  No it didn't take a lot of my time, but it made me think beyond the study.  Yet -- I learned.  What I already had heard and knew was refreshed.  I feel a renewed passion in my life.

One passage of Scripture was used that I really like:  "I will put a new heart and new spirit inside of you.  I will take out your stubborn, strong heart and give you a willing, tender heart of flesh."  Ezekiel 36:26  Isn't that all that God asks, to be willing to be used by Him?  Jennie's thoughts on why we don't use our gifts: 1) we don't know what they are; 2) we compare ourselves to others;  and 3) we listen to criticism.  I had never thought of those before, but it's the truth.  Everyone struggles with these issues.

I can't wait to share this Bible study with my friends (my People)!  And when we are through, we will be looking at some of Jennie's other studies.

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