Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Driving in the Bible?!?

Ever have problems getting your kids/teens to take a real interest in the Bible?  Start reading in the book of II Kings.  Oh, the drama!  Intrigue!  Wild drivers.  Fast cars -- uh, chariots!!  Murder.  Mayhem.  Conspiracy theories. Medical mysteries.  Makeup and hairstyles?!?  Well, it's all condensed in the first few chapters of II Kings and corresponding chapters in II Chronicles.  If all that's in the first few chapters of these books, imagine what's in the rest of the Bible!

I have trouble interesting my teen sons in going to church with me or having anything to do with anything they think might be associated with church, such as youth group.  Although this I don't understand -- they have no problem hanging out with me and my single friends from church during our activities.  The boys' dad is Catholic, which is probably why they want nothing to do with my Baptist faith.  However, when I sit at the table doing my Bible study I can mention things in the Bible such as the fast chariots mentioned earlier, and they will talk with me about it, express their views (which happily line up with the Bible) and opinions, and even pull out their own Bibles and do a little bit of additional reading.  All without me having to give them one word of encouragement!  I am so thankful that both of my sons accepted Christ at young ages and faithfully attended church and Sunday school with me until they became older.

Sometimes you have to try alternative methods to get your kids interested in the things of God.  There are all kinds of Christian resources to help you teach your kids about the Bible, such as Veggie Tales which were really popular at our house, Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey was another favorite, Focus on the Family's Radio Theater DVD presentation of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" series (we had problems getting out of the car when we were listening to that one!), and many other movies, CDs and books.  What's your method of reaching your kids?

Have fun reading and discussing the Bible with your own kids!  And be prepared for some serious, in-depth discussions, possibly even started by the kids themselves!


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