Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artesian Wells, Creeks and Downtown Prattville, Alabama

When you put these two photos together, what do you think you get?  You got it, a rope swing waiting for some daring young (or old) soul to swing out over the creek and create a big splash! This is Autauga Creek, which cuts through the heart of downtown Prattville.  In fact this very section of the creek, along with it's rope swing, is about a minute from downtown, and is located beside one of Prattville's many artesian wells, which is actually what I had gone to see.   I had heard about the wells, where people take their water bottles (I'm talking the BIG kind) and fill them up on a regular basis.  But I had never actually been there.  And to think it is absolutely FREE?!?  I had to see for myself...

Sure enough, when I pulled into the lot at the Doster Road Artesian Well House I was not alone.  A car was ahead of me and the man was filling his large, blue water bottle, the kind you normally see dispensing water at your office.  While I was waiting I tried to take photos, without taking any photos of him.  So I ended up taking pictures of the flowers surrounding the well.  You know me and flowers...

I had to try the water myself, so stuck my hand under the pipe and was rewarded with cool water, which tasted pretty good.  Which also explains why when I was finished and leaving, another car was pulling in to fill THEIR water bottles.

As I was leaving I had to wait for the local ducks to waddle across the road.  They took their time, so I took advantage of their time by photographing them through the window.  I was really in no hurry -- the sun would be setting in about an hour, it was quickly becoming overcast, and who knew when the rain would start, and I wanted to take more pictures of my town!

Just a couple of blocks over from the ducks (the well, actually) is the heart of downtown Prattville.  Here I had to wait again, this time on a family having their photos taken at the fountain beside the creek.  I took advantage of the delay and took photos of the creek, the surrounding buildings, and the plants growing in the area.  Really, this IS at the end of Main Street in downtown Prattville!  Our town has a lot of history.  It was founded by Daniel Pratt (1830s) who chose the site specifically because of the creek.  He used the energy from the creek to power machinery to build cotton gins

Twin dams on Autauga Creek, Prattville, Alabama

Clouds gathering over spillway on Autauga Creek

Along Autauga Creek, end of Main Street
Some of the flowers growing along the banks of the creek...


I was finally able to get my pictures of the fountain.  I felt it was worth the wait!  This fountain is also fed by one of the many artesian wells in Prattville.  In fact, until recently Prattville was nicknamed the "Fountain City".

As I was leaving downtown I decided to go over a couple of blocks to the north to what is called Hunts Alley.  There are actual businesses located in these buildings.  I am so glad to see them put to use.

Last but not least, photos along Main Street...



  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of our town Prattville. I am an amateur photographer myself and really appreciate your effort. All of the photos are gorgeous. I have been here almost 50 yrs now after moving from Florida and I would never consider living any where else. Thanks again.Sincerely sam kirk

  2. Sam, thank you for your very nice review! I have only been in Prattville a few years, but love all the city has to offer.

  3. Awesome photos! I visited the well today to refill my water jugs.