Saturday, June 13, 2015

Firefly Summer

Firefly Summer

by Kathleen Y'barbo

Sessa Chambers was widowed and left with a young son to raise.  Her story picks up after her son is grown and has chosen a destructive lifestyle that has led to his death at the hand of another. After the trial the accused, a successful surgeon, was sent to prison.  Two years later a witness has come forward and told the truth -- the surgeon killed the young man in an act of self-defense. 

Dr. Trey Brown was that successful surgeon.  He served two years in prison, during which time he developed a personal relationship with Christ.  He is now learning to come to terms dealing with taking a life, but how will he ever go back to surgery and once again save lives?  He also feels a strong urge to go to the mother of the young man and try to make amends for her loss. 

Sessa is nothing like Trey thought the mother of a con artist drug addict would be.  She is a quiet, artistic woman who is in business for herself.  She is surrounded by a strong network of supporting friends who regularly attend the Pies, Books and Jesus Book Club.  She has taken on the raising of her son's unexpected gift, her granddaughter.  She struggles with fear that any day her granddaughter's mother will return to take the child away. 

Sessa and Trey work to come to terms with forgiveness, each feeling they are the guilty party.  Trey feels he can't do enough to atone for the life he took, but eventually begins doing things for Sessa because of the joy he receives in return.  He falls in love with both Tessa and her granddaughter, and is taken in by the book club.  Sessa has felt a strong urge to apologize to Trey for what her son did to destroy Trey's life and career, which in turn stuns Trey.

Can Sessa and Trey accept grace from each other and God, and begin an unexpected future together?  I can almost guarantee you won't be able to put the book down.  Check out Kathleen Y'Barbo's website for previews of other available books while you wait for the June 23rd release of Firefly Summer.

In order to comply with new Federal Trade Commission regulations, please note that this book was provided compliments of Redbud Press' book review program.