Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Felled by a Spider's Web

I was trying to decide what to write about this week, praying and asking God to give me wisdom.  On the way to work this morning the sun struck a spider's web by the side of the road and the drops of dew glistened and made the web shine.  I wished I had time to pull over and get a photo, and decided I would sit outside soon and shoot some pictures of webs in my own yard.

Because of circumstances I was running late going to lunch today.  I was walking at a fast pace down the sidewalk to my car when I unexpectedly came up on a spider's web.  I love to look at them but I really don't like pulling the mess out of my hair, so I dodged to the side.  Sure enough I tripped and hit the asphalt parking lot next door on all fours!  I was annoyed and a bit humiliated (but I don't think anyone saw me -- I hope).  I got up, brushed myself off and went on my way. 

I didn't get far down the road when I started laughing and realized that's exactly what I was supposed to write about!  I had admired the roadside web this morning, with the sun shining through and making it beautiful and enticing.  But later this morning when I came face to face with another web, it wasn't such a good thing. 

Sin can be like that spider's web.  From a distance, when the light hits it just right, it's beautiful and enticing.  But when you get up close and personal it's not that pretty.  Especially when you get stuck in it.  We can resist the big, obvious sins -- we'd never do that!  But you know, sometimes it's those little sins that get us in so much trouble. 

Who would think that the little, pretty sins can trip you up?  Who would have thought a spider's web could teach a lesson?

Funny what God uses sometimes to get a point across. 


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