Wednesday, September 7, 2016


One man. One fight. The ultimate sacrifice.

Produced by Christian Cinema
Copyright 2016
Opens October 7, 2016

Jesse Dean (Rusty Joiner) and his wife Julia (Jocelyn Cruz) return to Julia's hometown of Philadelphia after Jesse's discharge from the military.  He has accepted the job of community outreach leader for the church in which Julia grew up.  This job offers him the chance to make connections in the community and hopefully get people involved in the church.

Jesse begins cleaning  the storefront location he is given, and in doing so finds an old boxing bag.  He explores the city and meets Danny (Jeremiah DeMoss), a young man down on his luck and in need of friendship.  Jesse invites Danny to the community center, with the offer of teaching him how to box.

Across the street from the community center is a family planning center. Jesse is disturbed by the people going in and out of the center and begins to feel the need to help them.  Because the church will not help him (it is not their business), Jesse stumbles around on his own in his attempts to help.

The police become involved, Julia voices her strong disapproval of his actions, and further conflict develops with  needless deaths associated with some of the people Jesse meets outside the clinic.  Finally, Jesse has to make a choice.  Will he stand for his beliefs and find a way to help people, or will he do what everyone else wants him to do, which is to let it go?

Voiceless addresses many issues, among which are a dying church set in its ways, the relations between a husband and wife with differing views, guilt over abortion, relationships between races, and of course Christians and what to do about social issues.  This movie shows a way to overcome these problems -- loving others does not mean social issues are not addressed. 

I give this movie a thumbs up for its message.