Friday, January 20, 2017

You Carried Me – A Daughter’s Memoir
Melissa Ohden
January 2017
Plough Publishing House

Can you imagine finding out that you were aborted?  What kind of feelings would that create in you?  What about your self-worth?  You might feel you weren’t wanted even before you were born, even before anyone knew you…
Abortion is a hot topic, and has been for many years. You are for abortion or against abortion. You might be against abortion but feel it is okay under certain conditions.  You might be for abortion because you feel it is a woman’s right to choose. You may feel that the fetus is not a human life, just a blob of tissue, and that life begins once birth has occurred.

Whatever the case may be, most people don’t think about abortion from the child’s standpoint.  That aborted child never had a say on whether or not it would choose life.  It would never grow up to have children of its own.  So not only is that life lost, but the lives of future generations.
You Carried Me is the almost unbelievable story of a Melissa Ohden, woman who actually survived a saline infusion abortion.  Not only did she survive, she thrived. The book talks of how Melissa learned she had been aborted, her struggles not only with her identity but also with her sense of worth, the struggles to learn why this happened, and eventually acceptance, forgiveness and grace.

Melissa gave forgiveness long before she knew her birth parents.  Her father’s aunt and father’s father gave her acceptance and became good friends, loving her and accepting her into the family.  Eventually, her mother’s side of the family – including cousins, half sister and her mother – became a part of her life as well.
Melissa has used her life story as a platform to speak against abortion.  She is a very much sought after speaker, speaking even before Congress. She is not only an advocate for women, but also for unborn children.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit Melissa’s website at or She also has a public speaking/figure Facebook page.
You Carried Me is an eye opening book.  I recommend it, but warn you might need a tissue or two to get you through.

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