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Inspecting the camera, everyone wanted to operate the camera!
Hey, everyone!   Welcome to Grace Notes for Me.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and maybe you can learn along with me.  I greatly appreciate your comments and criticisms, since I am new to blogging. 

From the time of my childhood I have enjoyed writing.  I always wanted to be an author, and would sit and try to come up with stories. Of course, as a kid I couldn't write those long stories I wanted to!  In college I enjoyed writing and researching papers -- I enjoyed the writing the most, and did fairly well. Unfortunately I was not interested in being an English major.  I wanted to be an artist.  That didn't work out, but I have learned that art is not just drawing or painting a pretty picture, but can be needlework, decorating a home, working in a garden, taking photos and even writing.  After college, which I didn't finish, I enjoyed writing in my journal and would sit for hours just penning pages and pages of dreams and notes about life. 

Since becoming a mother things have changed!  There wasn't much time for being creative when I had two young sons who needed me every moment we were together.  Now that I have teenagers, my time is freeing up a bit.  And I am finding that I am enjoying writing again.

When I was trying to decide what to write about I kept coming back to how much I owe my Heavenly Father (which of course can never be repaid, salvation is a free gift), and how much His freely given grace means to me.  It seemed natural that I would write about what God has done and is doing in my life.  Maybe someone who reads this blog will find something they were looking for in their spiritual journey.

Please feel free to comment on my posts.  If you find anything I have written that does not fit with the Scriptures, PLEASE let me know.  I want to be faithful to God's word.  And if in some small way I might have been able to help touch your life and heart, I would be honored to hear about that, too.

Through God's infinite grace,


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  1. Hello Teresa my name is Desiray and I have been following your blogs for maybe a week or more and I am not sure if you are aware of it. I enjoy the things you post and never knew your name until I went to the tab called about the Author I do hope we get to know one another not only as body of believers but as friends as well.