Thursday, September 22, 2011

God Supplied Her Needs -or- The Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

I am taking a Precepts class by Kay Arthur with some women in my church, and we are studying the book of II Kings.  I am brand new to the Precepts way of study, but am finding it so helpful and rewarding.  If you ever get a chance to do one of these studies, I highly recommend it. 

This evening I was reading in II Kings 8:1-6.  To recap, Elisha the prophet told the Shunamite woman (of II Kings 4:8-37) to pack up her household and go stay temporarily someplace else, because God was going to bring a seven year famine on the land of Israel.  The Shunamite woman heeded the warning of Elisha and went to live in the land of the Philistines.  At the end of the seven years, she and her family came home and she went to the king of Israel (Jehoram) to petition him for the return of her land. 

Now at this time Gehazi, the servant of Elisha (see II Kings 5:20-27), was asked of king Jehoram to tell all of the great things that Elisha had done.  While Gehazi was telling the king how Elisha had raised a dead person to life, the very woman whose son's life had been restored came to the king to ask for the return of her land.  Gehazi excitedly told the king this was the woman of whom he had just been speaking!

The king had to compare Gehazi's story with that of the woman, and she again made her petition to the king.  The king sent an officer to restore everything that had once belonged to the woman and her family.  Everything including all the profit that had been gained from her land  during her absence.

It struck me how God provided for this woman who along with her family had once taken care of the needs of Elisha, the man of God.  Apparently she had lost her husband because he is not mentioned in this passage.  Elisha warned HER to take her family to safety, and she did so.  Also, when she went to petition king Jehoram, it was just she and her son who went to make the plea to the king. 

And see how God had Gehazi at that very moment in the king's presence, telling of the restoration of life to the Shunamite's son.  And that Gehazi cried out to the king that this woman before him making this petition was the very one whose son's life had been restored by Elisha.

Another thing to consider.  Back in II Kings 5:20-27 Gehazi had committed a sin against God by pursuing Naaman and lying about Elisha's needs and requesting gifts for a non-existent son of the prophets.  When Elisha confronted Gehazi about his sin, he denied he had gone after Naaman and had done nothing wrong.  Because of his sins, Elisha cursed Gehazi and his family forever with leprosy.  Now, several years later, we see Gehazi telling the good deeds of Elisha to king Jehoram!

This is not luck or happenstance.  God placed all these people in the right place at the right time, to do His work and to meet the needs of the people.  Doesn't this remind you of Paul's words in Philipians 4:19 where he says, "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus"?  The Shunamite woman had a need.  God knew in advance about her need and placed Gehazi before king Jehoram, recounting the tale of this woman at that very moment

God still does the same for us today.  Don't we serve an awesome God?


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  1. That He does sis God still does us the same way