Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Music for the soul

Sunday evening my church, East Memorial Baptist Church in Prattville, Alabama, had it's Christmas musical.  The mood was set, the lights were off in the auditorium, and the spots were on the choir and orchestra. Music was offered up giving praise and glory to my God and His Son, Jesus.  I had been studying all afternoon Sunday in preparation for writing yesterday's blog, and was emotionally very tender.  So as I sat listening to the musical, I was not surprised that a song or two gripped me and moved me close to tears.  I told myself I really needed to get a handle on my emotions!  Someone might see my tears!  Suddenly a song came through the air, and it sounded like what you would imagine the choirs of heaven singing!  There was a soloist with choir backup, different parts -- words, melodies -- all hitting at the same time, making such beautiful music.  I certainly can't tell you what the name of the song was, or even what the words were, I can tell you that the tears came fast!  I couldn't help thinking what my grandfather is hearing in heaven, what the heavenly choirs might be singing in the presence of God, because if what I was hearing on earth was so wonderful, what must it be like in heaven?  And to think that one day I'll be a participant!

Have you ever been deeply touched by music?

~  Reese

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  1. Music touches me regularly. There is just something about it that cuts to the heart of our thoughts and emotions. I'm so grateful for it!

    Merriest of Christmases to you! May the music of Christmas draw you closer to God and the ones you love!