Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review: Jungle Warfare

Jungle Warfare
A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales
by Christopher A. Cunningham
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers
Copyright 2010

This book is a 22-day Bible study for people in the area of sales.  Although I am not in sales, I found this book applicable to my own daily life. 

What makes this book unique is the use of Mr. Cunningham's grandfather's World War II basic field manual for jungle warfare.  I found this interesting and attractive, since my own grandfather served in World War II.  The book is separated into two sections, with the first section including the Bible study and the second section dedicated to questions and answers.  Each day of the Bible study begins with a section from the field manual, which is then followed by Bible passages and a lesson on how to apply both the field guide and the Bible study to your every day life.  The question and answer section brings up topics that concern salesmen such as "What if my customers don't like me?"  With scripturally based answers. 

I found this to be a very interesting book from start to finish. And as I mentioned earlier, even though I am not in sales, I found many ideas I can apply to my life. I would recommend it to any Christian salesman, or anyone who is interested in World War II.

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