Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Humor -- True Story!!

This is Chief
My dad has several miniature horses.  Most of them stand waist high at their shoulders.  The leader of his herd is a stud (until just recently) named Chief -- he still thinks he's the "chief."  Daddy had Chief for sale in the Bulletin Board, and finally sold him to some people in Destin, Florida
Sunday afternoon my dad calls out to my mom "Glenda, you are not going to believe what these people are coming in to get Chief!"  When she asked, he told her a MINI VAN!!  They pull up and the couple gets out, the woman dressed in a full length fur coat and fur boots.  They ask daddy to load Chief into the mini van, and could he please make the horse sit!  Daddy couldn't believe it (I wish I could have seen his face!).  Of course, Chief is having none of this! 
Daddy asked the couple if they had access to a trailer.  Yes, they did.  The woman's mother lives in Prattville and has lots of horses and has a horse trailer.  When they called to ask if they could borrow it, she flat out told them no!  Wonder why?
Daddy told them that if they would give him gas money, he would trailer Chief to Destin for them. 
Guess where they are going to keep the horse?  They have special permission from their subdivision home owners association to keep a miniature horse in their back yard!  I'm sure the association thought miniature horse equalled dog-size!  And what are the neighbors going to do when they start smelling horse?  And what is the horse going to do when he finds out he doesn't have 35 acres to roam anymore?


  1. Oh my! As a dairy farmer, I'm scared for this little fella. Did they end up taking the horse? I'm afraid that little horse will need another new home shortly!