Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun with the guys

My guys hiking

Okay, if my sons EVER find out that I posted pictures on my blog of our recent trip to Oak Mountain State Park, I AM TOAST!  So please don't tell them! 

It all started when the boys arrived at my house at 7:00 a.m. on the dot.  I LOVE to sleep in, but I was up.  They were hungry so I fixed breakfast.  Then -- they were BORED!  Yeah, I know that's typical for teenagers.  Really, they had their faces buried in their new phones -- don't know what kind they are, but you can certainly download some cool (they think) games on them. 

I asked what they wanted to do for the day -- nothing (heads still buried in their games).  So I went about my business.  About an hour later I asked the question again, and it was the same.  So I said I was going to go out in the yard and putter around.  I had a tent that says it takes two people to put up, and I wanted to see if I could do it myself.  I asked the younger of my two sons to come supervise me (this son is very good with his hands, I guess you would say he is mechanically inclined).  So he supervised by standing there and looking at me with an odd look on his face, and by putting together the support poles, and then using those same poles to torture the dog.  ARRGH!!  Well, I did manage to set the tent up, and even though I sound like a three year old, I did it ALL BY MYSELF.  I was quite proud of myself.  Of course I had to test it out.  And the dog had to test it out.  I think he likes it and would like to go camping with me, which is good since my sons seem to think that camping is not cool.

I also put up the hammock, but I don't think they trust me because neither son would try it out.  But the youngest son took great pleasure in telling the dog to go jump in the hammock with me.  Umph!

After the tent, I decided to finish repairing the swing.  I had already prepped and painted, and all that was left was nailing on the slats.  Yes I am a girl, but I was taught I could do anything I set my hands to, and since I don't have a husband, I do a lot around here.   In any case I finished the swing, but not before my oldest son came outside to see what I was doing.  Reverse psychology here, ignore them and they will come...  Back to the swing.  He helped me hang it, he is taller than I am, but he wouldn't sit in it!  So I did.  

 Along about that time the oldest son said that he would like to go driving.  Mind you I was sitting in the swing, swinging and relaxing.  I didn't want to move.  I didn't want to go anywhere.  And remember that I asked the boys earlier if they would like to do anything during the day?  And there answer was -- no?!?  Well, I hemmed and hawed for a bit, but eventually told them to get ready, let me change, and on the way out the door I grabbed my camera because who knew what we might plan to do.

Again hiking -- when you go up, you have to go back down!  Parts of the trail you could slide down.

We climbed in the car and when the oldest said where to, I said take Highway 31 and go north.  I tossed the map into the backseat for the younger son.  I have officially appointed him as navigator of family trips (of course I know where we're going).  First thing he pointed out was that there are two state parks up Highway 31.  I said that I knew.  I let a little time pass, then said we would be visiting Oak Mountain State Park, which has a bird sanctuary, a wild life sanctuary, hiking and biking trails, camping, boating, swimming, golfing... the list goes on.  But all we had time for was the bird sanctuary (the wildlife sanctuary was closed for the day) and a little hiking.  We had to make it back home by seven. 

The oldest was thrilled that he got to drive (it takes an hour and a half from our home to the park) and the youngest and I settled in for the trip.  Which always includes directions (unwanted by the elder) from the back seat and lots of "slow down" warnings from the front passenger seat.  We cruised through the small towns along the way and in each we asked whether or not our high school soccer team, on which the oldest is a member, played that particular school.  It was great for the guys to see places they have heard of, to be able to place them on the map.

Oak Mountain State Park was great!  Okay, except for the horrible mountains we had to climb.  The boys did great.  It was just me, their mother, huffing and puffing, or better yet PANTING, bringing up the rear, who is so out of shape she had the tiniest problem.  It was a good thing I was there too, because I was the one who said which trail actually did lead back to the Wildlife Center.  It was fun, though! 

Youngest son -- by the way, that fence does not go up the mountain.

I allowed the oldest to drive back home down I-65. I think we made it home faster than you are supposed to, but not by much.  The oldest did stay with traffic -- pretty much.  Once we returned home, it was back to being bored again!  What else would you expect from teenagers?!?

By the way, today was my first day of walking nearly normal.  Those mountains nearly killed my calves!  And to think that I wanted to making hiking a fairly regular thing.  Well, I still want to!

Ferns growing in the creek bed

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