Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unexpected, Gentle Reminders...

Everyone knows that yesterday was Valentine's Day, but I wasn't too concerned about the day because I am a sort-of-happily single gal.  I'm sure most of you married and attached women out there are going to say "no big deal", but I was absolutely moved (to tears!) yesterday afternoon when a gentleman (one of my boss' MARRIED business associates, so no chance of anything romantic) walked into my office carrying a bouquet of mixed daffodils from his garden. 

Okay, I know getting a bouquet of flowers normally wouldn't move a person to tears.  But you have to understand the circumstances.  Not an hour before my flowers arrived I had a very emotional, disturbing conversation.  One that left me quite shaken. One that actually gave me a much needed kick in the seat of the pants. Then in came those flowers carried by a grinning gentleman and ... I embarrassed myself by crying! 

I was pretty sharp yesterday and knew immediately that God sent that gentleman to my office with those flowers.  He used that simple bouquet to remind me He cares.  No matter what I go through, He is there.  He has a plan for my life, which has been in place since before I was born.

Think about it for a moment, how has God blessed you?


For I know that He careth for me...

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