Monday, February 13, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Lazarus Awakening

Lazarus Awakening
By: Joanna Weaver
Published by Multnomah Books
Copyright 2011, 2012

John chapters 11 and 12 give an interesting account of a man raised from the dead by Jesus. This was not just any man, but a man whom Jesus loved, along with his sisters Mary and Martha. Know who it was? Lazarus, of course! Who hasn't heard of the verse in the Bible that says "Jesus wept"? This is the man over whom Jesus wept. One of Jesus very good friends. However, not much is known about Lazarus; no words spoken by Lazarus are recorded, we don't know what he did for a living, we only know who his sisters were and where he lived, and that he was Jesus' friend.

Why did Jesus linger two days after receiving notice that Lazarus was sick, especially since Lazarus and his family were such good friends? Why did Jesus weep over Lazarus in light of the fact that He knew He was about to raise him up from the grave? Why did Jesus tell others to remove the stone from the tomb, or to unbind Lazarus from his grave clothes? All these questions and more are answered in Joanna Weaver's book Lazarus Awakening.

Mrs. Weaver's purpose is to share how we can apply the truths and principles learned from the true story of Lazarus to our own lives. God has wonderful plans for each of us, but He will not fulfill them unless we do what He requires of us, even though He is perfectly capable of doing so Himself. He could rid us of our own personal grave clothes and roll away the stones in our lives, but what would that benefit us? How would we grow as Christians?

Lazarus Awakening is beautifully ended with the story of Jesus' last dinner with His friends from Bethany. Just six days before that greatest Passover, Lazarus and his sisters give a dinner for Jesus, the same dinner where Lazarus' sister Mary anoints Jesus' feet with precious perfume and wipes them with her hair. Although she was criticized, Jesus knew of His approaching death and said "It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial" (John 12:7). Do you think she was thankful for what Jesus had done in her life and in the lives of her family?

I am looking forward to beginning the Bible study located in the appendix, scratching off my own grave clothes and learning how to help others with theirs, and then sharing this book. You won't be disappointed when you read Lazarus Awakening. Maybe you will be like me and have areas pointed out in your life that still need (in my case a lot of) work.

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