Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos from Mom's Garden

Mom's daffodils

As you may have read previously, I live in Central Alabama where Spring comes very early.  I have had daffodils in my garden for a month now, and tulips are coming up.  The fragrance of hyacinths blooming by my front door is heavenly.  I have had a few azalea blossoms, but nothing like three years ago when my shrubs were covered in pink.  Of course pansies, the Winter standby,  have been in bloom since last Fall.

This past Saturday my sons and I went to my parents' place in the country.  I never go without my camera because there is always something to see.  And sure enough, mom had flowers blooming everywhere!  Jasmine was draped over and hanging off trellises, giving off their vanilla scent.  Roses were not blooming, but were putting out new leaves.  Azaleas were beginning to show flowers.  And the vinca!  Wow, it was growing everywhere! 

And look what was poking up through the mulch -- new ferns. 

It really looks like a miniature forest when you get down on their level.  

Isn't it amazing to see how "tied up" the new leaves look? 

You know, my mom transplanted this vinca (pictured below) a few years ago from a hidden cemetery not far from their home.  Now the area beside her patio is a blanket of blue and green.  

You can't say that God doesn't love design...

Hope you enjoyed the new Spring photos!  Oh, one of the best parts of going to the country is that I get to work in the garden.  Saturday was spent moving cannas from one area to another.  Plus I got to take home rose clippings which I potted Sunday afternoon, and elephant ears that mom no longer wanted. 

So glad that God makes all things new...

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