Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Same Life, New Story

Same Life, New Story
By:  Jan Silvious
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers
Copyright 2010

In her new book Same Life, New Story author Jan Silvious takes the lives of ten women of the Bible and shares how their life stories changed their lives.  These ten women allowed God to use negative circumstances to change their lives for good.  Take for instance the judge Deborah of the Old Testament.  In Jewish culture women were to follow and not lead.  Deborah was a leader who respected and followed God, allowing Him to use her to advise and also save her people from oppression.  My personal favorite was the story of Hannah, whose battle with infertility and humiliation from her husbands' other wife caused her to fall on her face before God and beg Him for a son, promising to return the son to God's service.  From her we have Samuel, one of Israel's greatest judges and priests.

What can happen when Christian women turn over their troubles and life circumstances to God?  Anything!  This book is set up as a ten-week group Bible study for women.  However, it can be used for your own personal devotions.  Each chapter begins with a woman from the Bible, leads into modern day characters and situations, and finishes with the good that came from the life of the Bible character.  Following each chapter is a Personal Reflection section with a Journal Entry, along with a page of Group Discussion Questions.

This is a thought provoking study for any Christian woman.
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