Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This afternoon I spent time in my kitchen making cookies!!  Chocolate chip pan cookies, to be exact.  The recipe was given to me when I was nine years old by my mom's sister-in-law Carol Hill.  These cookies are awesome.  They melt in your mouth, just delectable.  You ought to try a batch yourself.

One thing you should note -- this is a very stiff dough. When I was younger I made two or three batches at once, in a huge metal bowl.  No, I wasn't greedy, I just had a lot of brothers and a sister (still do).  And younger brothers eat a ton of cookies.  My arm would start aching, there was so much stiff dough.  But I always preferred these cookies to any other, because once you were done mixing, you just dumped the entire mess onto cookie trays, smoothed them out flush with the edges, popped them in the oven and baked them.  No re-loading endless (for me, anyway) cookie trays, baking cookies for hours!

Unlike in the past, today I only made ONE recipe.  But true to form, they drew the attention of my eighteen year old son, and he and I made a small dent in those cookies when they came out of the oven.  

Notice in these cookies that I used only a few chocolate chips, the rest are white chocolate chips.  SOMEONE got into my stash of chocolate chips and there were only a few left.  Wonder who that was?

Happy baking (AND eating)!

~ Reese

If you can't make out the recipe, send me a note and I'll type it up for you.  :-)

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