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BOOK REVIEW: Hidden Falls, Episode 1: Ordinary Secrets

Season One, Episode1: Ordinary Secrets
Published in 2013 
Shiloh Run Studios, an imprint of Barbour Publishing, Inc.

It sounds like a new TV show, one shown on a weekly basis, that leaves you in suspense waiting for the next week.  One that is full of interesting characters and gives a glimpse into one day in the lives of the characters, not enough for the whole picture or even the whole truth (things may be very different than they seem), but enough to make you wonder...  

In the first episode, which happens to be Ordinary Secrets, the scene is set for a gala honoring the town's most loved teacher, Quinn.  That's his last name, by the way.  His real name is Ted or Teddy, or Theodore, something like that, but everyone just calls him Quinn.  He has been the high school history teacher for thirty years now, and because of the impact he has had on his students and his town, a gala has been scheduled to honor him.  The only thing is, he doesn't want to be honored.  He seems to be a humble man who enjoys helping others, but does not want public recognition.  

Throw in the town mayor, Sylvia, who is also the owner of one of the local shops and who has loved Quinn for nearly all of the thirty years he has been in town, who even went RING shopping with him at one point, and you start to get some suspense.  Then add former students who left years ago and are returning only because of their love for Quinn.  One in particular, Ethan, is finishing up his fifth of six years of his neurosurgical residency; if it weren't for that handwritten note from Quinn, Ethan would not have showed up.  A personal request for a heart to heart with Quinn cannot be refused. There is a newly arrived trial lawyer by the name of Jack Parker who along with his family is escaping big city life and it's accompanying problems.  Liam is a respected financier who is afraid of commitment and is also hiding a secret; his younger brother Cooper is with the sheriff's department.  Nicole is an ace reporter who works the crime scene in the big city and once dated Ethan for a long period of time, but that relationship fell to the wayside with their differing life decisions.  Lauren, a girl who returned home and works for the church, is nervous about an upcoming church project in which she seems to have no control but in which Quinn has assured her everything has been handled.  And we can't leave out Dani, a woman who does odd jobs for everyone around town but is uncomfortable in public settings.  There you have it, a great mix. You get a glimpse of each character's life, just enough to know that there might be some secrets buried under the surface, but we'll just have to dig.  

This episode opens on Saturday morning of the big day, and ends just as everyone is about to be re-introduced to their teacher and mentor, Quinn.  A loud noise goes off -- no problem, someone set the cannon to the wrong time (cannon?).  Introductions continue, the curtain is raised, and...........  Hmm, come back next week to find out what happened!

Ordinary Secrets is the first episode in a series of thirteen which are set to be released on a weekly basis beginning January 24, 2014.  It will take no time at all to read this first episode.  There is a Facebook page set up where you can interact with other readers, get insights from the characters and join contests -- who doesn't love contests?  And especially great is this offer,  getting a free copy of  the first episode.  Are you going to join the fun and see what happens next in Hidden Cove?  I hope so...

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