Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Tidewater Inn

Published by:  Thomas Nelson, 2012

I have to admit that that I am an avid fan of Colleen Coble.  When I saw this book up for review, I knew it was what I would be reading next.  Ms. Coble did not disappoint!  Tidewater Inn is a good mixture of romance, mystery and morals.

Libby Holladay is a driven woman who restores property to historical accuracy.  History and architecture, attention to details, a love of all things old is her life.  Tidewater Inn begins with Libby inspecting a property for renovations when she receives a phone call from her best friend and partner Nicole who has news about property on Hope Island, which she has been inspecting for a renovation project.  Nicole has uncovered surprising information about Libby's family -- Libby thought she had no one, but now she has a family.  Nicole tells Libby she has also inherited a substantial amount of property from her recently deceased father.  A few minutes later  Libby witnesses via video cam the kidnapping of Nicole, and now a double mystery begins.  Who took Nicole and why?  Why had Libby been told she had no family? 

Libby arrives at Hope Island in search of the missing Nicole, only to find she is now a suspect in Nicole's disappearance.  Can she clear her name?  More importantly, can she find Nicole?  A hurricane is brewing and time becomes critical.  Can Libby recruit her family and others to help her find Nicole?

What is she going to do about a family that does not want her? And what is she going to do with the beautiful old inn her father left her, which needs extensive, expensive repairs she cannot afford?  It looks like the only thing to do is to sell and move on, leaving behind her legacy and her family.

Tidewater Inn is a rapidly moving novel full of what ifs.  Full of learning to trust.  Learning to let go.  Learning to let God.  I highly recommend this new book by Colleen Coble, along with any other of her books you can get your hands on.  You won't be sorry!  Visit Ms. Coble's website (there's a free down loadable book available) to get more information on this and other books.

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