Tuesday, July 3, 2012


By: Eric Blehm
Published by WaterBrook Press
Copyright 2012

I have heard about the book Fearless for a few months now, and even posted earlier that I had read the first chapter of the book, so I was very excited to find that WaterBrook Press was offering the book for review.  I read this book in two sittings, which really would have been one sitting if I didn't plan to get ready for a family reunion at my home over the weekend.  This book is just so good that it was very hard to put it down.  And like really great books, I did go through a few tissues, especially at the end.  I spent about twenty minutes during a drive with my teenagers yesterday excitedly re-telling stories from the book (with them listening wide-eyed).

Fearless, written by Eric Blehm, tells the life story of Adam Brown, a man who should go down in history as one of our American heroes. The book tells the good, the bad and the ugly in Adam's life, including a stint with drugs and a stay in prison.  It tells the incredible story of how Adam overcame physical wounds that would have sidelined any other man (including Navy Seals) to advance to the top level, DEVGRU (Naval Special Warfare Development Group), upon which time all records are labeled "Top Secret". 

Even though I knew the end of the story, it was still very hard to accept the fact that Adam gave his life for his country.  I wanted him to live on forever.  But as author Eric Blehm points out Adam was a Christian, a man who professed Christ as his Savior, and his life and his witness did not end with his death.  

Adam's witness at home and in the field affected many people, from the Afghan children he took shoes to during the cold months (over 500 pairs were distributed by Adam, collected from his family, fellow Seals and churches), to the way he engaged in battle.  He helped his wife teach Sunday school.  He brought fellow Seals to church with him.  One Seal struggled with the concept of Christianity, but accepted Christ shortly before he was killed on a mission.  Many lives were changed because of Adam's faith and example.  

The author makes a statement in his Afterword that speaks volumes to the character of Adam Brown:
And though I hadn't opened a Bible in more than twenty-five years, his (Adam Brown's) faith encouraged me to question my own questioning about religion.

This is a book you might want to reserve for older, mature teenagers and adults.  Those who can handle the graphic nature of the book, as well as a few choice words sprinkled in, mainly in the beginning of the book.  Overall, this is a book that I will be sharing with my sons, a couple of my nephews and other family members.  I believe it is important that we choose heroes who actually do what is right, those who serve our country and try to make our lives better, and not those who are portrayed as "heroes" today on television shows. 

In order to comply with new Federal Trade Commission regulations, please note that this book was provided compliments of  WaterBrook Press.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Sounds like an interesting book.

    Happy 4th of July!!! :O)

  2. Diane, it is an excellent book. I hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th, too!