Monday, June 27, 2011

Bear One Another's Burdens

I am slowly learning things about myself.  Things I wish I would have learned years ago.  Maybe I already knew these things, but just never put them into practice. I am talking about how to accept help from others.  Even when I feel like I don't need it. Even when I don't know I have something I need help with! 

This past Saturday afternoon I hosted a Sunday school party at my parents' place in the country. A friend volunteered to come down early and help set up, and he would bring another friend to help.  I thought I could do it myself, but remembered what my grandmother told me not too long ago, that I might be robbing someone of a blessing if I don't accept help when it's offered.  Even if I don't think I need the help.  Puts a whole new perspective on things!  So I accepted the offer.  And I was glad I did!  Apparently I worked too hard in the morning and early afternoon, or maybe I just got too hot from staying out in the Alabama sun so long, but I was tired, and ready for some help when it came along. Thanks, guys!!  It was nice to be able to finish setting up early and then sit back and relax, waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.  And you know what?  It didn't hurt me one bit to accept that help.  In fact, it was really nice!  I even let them help take things down!

The Bible talks about helping others.  "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ," Galatians 6:2.  That's not a suggestion, it's a command.  How can we help someone today?  Oh -- and how can you let go of your "control" on things and let someone help you?



  1. I love what you grand mother taught you about letting someone help you for a blessing. Sounds like a very wise woman she is. I enjoyed reading your post today for one reason I get so confused at times as to why we who call ourselves Christians don't bare one another burdens. God tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to be sadden when they are sadden. But very few people do what the scripture says..Sometimes I wonder if it's pride that keeps us from this verse? I've gone back and forth with it and I've seen so many people blog on this and then we wonder why the sinners don't accept Jesus and don't listen to us or continue to keep coming back to our services at church..They see that there is no compassion, for our sisters and brothers...Don't get me wrong I know everyone is not like this but as a whole when will the body of Christ stand as a whole and bear one another burden...

    When I was out in the world doing my own thing before I decided to follow Christ one thing I can say about the people in the world, they are who they are they don't pretend to be nothing but who they are.

    Great post I didn't mean to sound as though I was ranting but it' something I've been sensing in my spirit for years and it just won't go away...

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Pride. Although sometimes it could be pure ignorance, and then when we are made aware of it, we should immediately correct it.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love this post Reese :) by nature I'm a "helper" kind of person, so to receive help is sometimes difficult. Because I don't want to be a burden to anyone, but I'm learning as well, "not to rob someone of their blessing"!

  4. Luana, my thoughts exactly! I even have a difficult time asking my dad to come by my house and fix things every once in a while, because I don't want to take up his time. Goes right along with my pride. :-(

    I'm still a work in progress!