Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barefoot in the Garden

There is just something about my backyard that compels me to take off my shoes and walk around barefoot.  I haven't figured it out yet.  Maybe it's the feel of the cool grass between my toes.  Or walking in the soft dirt.  Or the breeze.  Or even the sun hitting the bottoms of my feet when I am kneeling down working in my flowers.  Whatever the case, this is something VERY new for me.  I HATE going barefoot!  In fact, I like to wear socks.  Even in the summer.  In the south.  In Alabama.  During June.  In the 100° weather.  Something's wrong with me...  well maybe not, because socks to me represent comfort.  Being wrapped up and safe. 

Now that I am in my 40s, I am starting to realize that I don't NEED that comfort anymore.  What have I been missing by wearing socks and shoes all the time?  Sheer and total freedom of movement!  At least in the garden.  I have to take a minute to stop and laugh at myself.  Because when I am finished in my garden, especially if I have been planting or "remodeling" my flower beds, I am DIRTY from head to toe.  And I mean REALLY dirty!  The kind where I have to take the water hose and wash off, then wait to dry, before I can even go in the house to take a shower. 

When's the last time you have walked in the garden barefoot?


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