Friday, October 15, 2010

Losing control, when I never really had it

About three weeks ago during my personal quiet time I was convicted to trust God. Sure, I trust God, but God was asking me to trust Him more. The song "I Surrender All" had been rolling around through my head -- oh, my...I decided to trust, not knowing what was going to be happening in the upcoming weeks.
As it turns out, the very next day I was required to trust. Of course it was in an area that I had been handling "by myself." I was upset and had to tell everyone about it, and I had to lament that I didn't know how "I" was going to handle the situation. By that evening, I realized that "I" was not required to handle the sitation at all, God wanted me to trust him. That realization sort of knocked me flat!
Over the next couple of days I received two blessings I know were directly related to my trust. This past week I received a third, HUGE! Even though I was trusting God previously in this particular area, when God took me out of the equation and I still chose to trust, I received not only physical blessings, but blessings of the spirit as well.
"Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus..."

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