Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shakespeare Theatre, Montgomery, Alabama

One of the many lakes in the park

Several days ago I wrote the following, and just want to share.  If you are ever in the area you might want to check out the Shakespeare Theatre and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, both located on the grounds of the Blount Cultural Park.

This is incredible. I am sitting at a picnic table in front of the Shakespeare Theatre in Montgomery, Alabama, in the Blount Cultural Park. I dropped my son off with my brothers in Pike Road this morning. Of course I am not going to drive all of the way back home and then back again when he is finished. It's a little more than 25 miles one way! So I am at Shakespeare, enjoying this beautiful morning. It's a little after 8:30, the birds are singing, there is a soft breeze blowing, and it's not yet hot, which is wonderful. The sun is shining, the geese and ducks are on the pond and on the lawn, and walkers and joggers pass on the trails behind and in front of me. And I am being lazy! What a great way to spend a morning, with nothing pressing to do – but wait. And get caught up on my book reviews. Did I mention the smells? Sort of sweet, sort of green, all good and full of smiles. I think next weekend I'll bring Bella and we will walk, then crash and read. The wind is blowing stronger now, but not hard. I look across the small lake and see the wind blowing the leaves of a tree, making the light bounce off the leaves and looking like lights twinkling in the wind. The gentle ripples of the lake are glittering with light, too. Wish I could capture that on film.  Such an idyllic place to be in the morning.  I'm going to have to go back soon with my camera.  Cell phone photos don't do justice to the beauty here.
 Looking forward to going back very soon.

Sculpture in the park

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