Monday, April 2, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher

The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher:  How to Teach Piano for the Glory of God
Author:  K M Logan
Published 2012

When I was asked by Mrs. K M Logan to review her new e-book The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher, I jumped at the chance.  Although I am not a piano teacher, I do enjoy playing the piano.  For me, playing the piano is a form of praise and worship.  Therefore, I was very much interested in reading about teaching methods based on Christian principles.

Where does music come from?  The ability to write, play, read and sing music?  God-given talent plays a large part, but that talent must be cultivated with practice and teaching.  And what better person to teach than a Christian, someone who wants to give all the praise, honor and glory to God, and pass that passion on to their students?  That's what the new e-book, The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher by K M Logan, is about.  How do you become the teacher you are meant to be, a teacher who guides, inspires and directs students of all abilities and ages?

Mrs. Logan's well written new e-book gives great ideas, encouragement and advice for someone who thinks they might want to teach piano, or even to those who are already piano teachers.  As you can see by the title of this e-book, this is written from a Christian perspective.  Chapters include "Preliminary Questions", "Business Aspects of Teaching Piano", and "The Piano Studio".  Questions such as where lessons should be taught (your home, your student's home, a studio, etc.), what you should charge, and are you even qualified are all addressed in this book, including some very wise advice concerning protecting yourself from any hint of scandal (you will be teaching students, most often in a private setting).

The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher presents great advice that can be used by anyone who chooses to go into business on their own, whatever that field may be.  I highly recommend this easy to read e-book.  Copies may be purchased from Mrs. Logan's website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

In order to comply with new Federal Trade Commission regulations, please note that this book was provided compliments of the author, K M Logan.

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