Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Night of the Living Dead Christian

Night of the Living Dead Christian 
By: Matt Mikalatos
Copyright 2011

Do you like monsters?  Vampires, zombies and werewolves?  Then you really have to read Matt Mikalatos' (check out the author interview here) new book called Night of the Living Dead Christian.  This a light hearted, whacky, not-so-way out there telling of a person's search for Christ.  How do we get rid of sin?  How do we truly become a Christian?  In fact, what really is a Christian anyway?

Mr. Mikalatos uses portraits of himself and his family throughout the book.  In fact, he is the narrator and the at-first enemy, soon-to-be friend of the main character Luther Anne Martin (Martin Luther, anyone?), his neighbor.  Mr. Mikalatos, along with a mad scientist and a robot/android, seeks to find the way to rid Luther of his base werewolf ways, all the while fighting off and trying to keep from becoming monsters themselves!!  They run into vampires, a werewolf hunter, a horde of zombies who think of themselves as Christians but are really just puppets of their leader, a half zombie who isn't sure he wants to follow said leader, and eventually face Luther's estranged father who shares a secret about his own past. 

What will happen?  Will Luther ever get rid of his madness?  Will he understand what Christianity is really about?  Will Mr. Mikalatos learn how to share his Christianity so that others can understand and make decisions for themselves?  Will they outsmart the werewolf hunter? 

Check out Matt's website for a link to the first chapter, along with more information on this book and his previous book entitled Imaginary Jesus.  Hope you enjoy the book!  In fact, post a comment for a chance for your own free copy of this very interesting book.  Make sure to check back with me so I can get your mailing information, or you can shoot an e-mail to

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  1. Reese, thanks for the great post and I'm glad you liked Night of the LIving Dead Christian!