Friday, October 7, 2011


Going Deep
Becoming a Person of Influence
By:  Gordon MacDonald
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers

The goal of all Christians should be to pursue a closer relationship with God.  We should seek to emulate Christ.  I was looking forward to reading Going Deep, hoping it would help me "deepen" my own relationship with God. 

In Going Deep, Gordon MacDonald uses fictional characters and settings, along with himself and his wife Gail, to explain how his character was inspired to develop a program in his fictional church to grow young Christians into tomorrow's leaders.  More than half the book is spent looking at the idea of growing these Christians.  How were these Christians to be selected for the program? What would the program involve for these people? The balance of the book takes up the forty weeks of learning these characters went through to become deeper Christians.

The book is quite lengthy, and at points seemed to drag on with information that really didn't seem necessary.  Although I did become inspired to do further research because of some of Mr. MacDonald's very unique ideas of Christ and His followers, the book never stated exactly how to deepen your own personal walk with Christ, for which I was greatly disappointed. 

This was an easy to read book, although I kept looking to see how many pages were left.  I will not be recommending or loaning out Going Deep to my friends and family.

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