Monday, July 11, 2011

What could have been considered a disaster...

Some days it seems that EVERYTHING goes wrong!  And I mean from beginning to end.  Friday was one of those days for me.  Fortunately, things did get better...

It started out with getting to work and finding out that the a/c was not working.  We called the repair company who gave us a price and later a time frame (Monday or Tuesday of this week!).  It kept getting hotter and hotter in the office.  Granted, I do live and work in the hot, sticky south, so being hot is not anything new -- if I am outside.  However, one does expect a certain level of comfort inside.  That wasn't happening Friday.  I had a fan blowing, but by the time the afternoon rolled around, I had sweated (oops, one of my friends says I should use the word "glisten" instead of sweat) so much that my entire backside was wet.  Yuck!  I asked my boss not to ask me into his office if clients came in, I was so embarrassed.  By the time I left at 20 'til 5:00 it was 85° inside the office. 

I went home and thought I might go to the gym and sweat legitimately.  But when I walked into the sunroom at my house, I started smelling something and noticed water on the floor along the wall.  What on earth!?!  I tried to clean it up, then traced it to it's source and found the door to the freezer popped open, and the freezer dripping.  I don't know if the freezer died, but everything inside it had!  I spent the next couple of hours emptying the contents of the freezer -- I was able to save all of the non-meat items for my compost pile.  And I really didn't have that much meat in there.  And I had bought the meat at Winn Dixie in their buy one get one free deals, so it really wasn't that bad.  Then I pushed the freezer outside onto the back patio so it could air out.  I took a mop and cleaned up the water, then used a heavy hand with the Lysol and mopped the floor again.  By this time I was drenched with sweat!  No need to go to the gym, I was literally worked out!  Oh, the rain started to fall!  The temperature dropped -- well maybe a degree or so. 

That wasn't the end of the day.  The boys were stirring for a fight.  Two teenage boys.  Why don't you do this?  Why don't you let us do that?  We are old enough to make our own decisions (NOT!!).  You don't let us have any freedoms (SO not true!).  Why?  Why?  Why? they said. You don't love us.  We don't love you... Hey, guess I'm doing a good job if I'm getting these kinds of complaints, right?

Oh my, the day was finally over and I was totally exhausted, physically and mentally.  I think I finally went to sleep about 1:30 in the morning.

Then I was up at 8:00 on Saturday.  I tried to sleep late.  I really did, but I couldn't (don't laugh, mom!).  So I dressed to exercise.  I tried to wake up my youngest and see if he wanted to go play tennis, but being a teen and having stayed up so late, he was not interested!  So I made cinnamon rolls (the kind out of a can, I wasn't going to be THAT domestic), told both boys through their haze of sleep that I was going to the gym, and went and had a very nice work out.  Isn't it amazing what physical exercise will do for you mentally?  Well, it also makes me want to do stuff physically, too.  When I got home, I made home made bread pudding, potato salad for supper, meat loaf for Sunday's lunch, pasta salad as a special request for Sunday and prepared pizza burgers for dinner.  Then I "walked" the freezer out to the shed and left it inside with it's door open (later I'll plug it in and see if it still works, but I'm not moving it back to the sunroom!).  I even managed some time to make a pillow case for my youngest son out of some camouflage fabric he found in my scrap bag. 

Sunday was a great day at church.  The sermon was from Ephesians 3:14-21 and our Sunday school lesson was on Revelation 13.  At six my regular Sunday night Bible study group met a my house and had a great lesson on the topic of prayer by Max Lucado.  Getting together with girlfriends, my sisters in Christ, is always wonderful and a highlight of the week.  To finish it all off, I had a phone call from another girlfriend, and the boys and I went out and had ICE CREAM! 

And what girl doesn't need to hear this every once in a while:  "hey, you look like you've lost weight!"  Spoken by a friend while at the gym yesterday afternoon.

Listen to this (pointed out in yesterday's sermon) from Ephesians 3:20 - 21 "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end."  Think about this.  God is able to do what we ask or think.  That's great! But not only is He able to do anything we ask or think, He is able to do ABOVE ALL that we ask or think.  And He is able to do ABUNDANTLY above all that we ask or think.  And finally, most importantly, He is able to do EXCEEDING abundantly above all that we ask or think! I feel that's exactly what He did for me this weekend. 


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