Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Review: Knitting Knee-Highs

Knitting Knee-Highs
By:  Barb Brown
Published by Krause Publications
Copyright 2011

In her new book Knitting Knee-Highs, Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary, Ms. Barb Brown gives patterns for twenty different knee-high socks to knit, including versions of each knee-high in either socks, legwarmers and/or anklets.  She also gives tips and tricks, the "knee-high formula" and conversion ideas (from knee-highs to socks, etc. and vice versa). Each knee-high pattern is unique and beautiful, and the designs are timeless. 

Although I am a fairly new knitter, I am itching to finish my current sock project and start on some of the patterns provided by Ms. Brown!  In fact, I am going out to purchase some yarn this afternoon.  I plan to start with one of the recommended first projects, either a pattern called Counterpane Knee-Highs or the Stalking Stockings.  I think I will save the knee-highs that include multiple colors of yarn for when I am more experienced.  Maybe there will be some new socks in some one's Christmas stocking this year!
Everyone needs a way to relax and unwind, and knitting has become my new passion.  So, for me, this is a book I am going to keep on hand, one that is going to be well worn not only by time, but much use.  Happy knitting!
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